We are going to Africa!


Why We're Going

We are excited to share with you that we are going on a Missions trip to Rwanda, Africa

to support the Nehemiah Association. In 1994 over 1,000,000 people of Rwanda were murdered in 100 days in a mass genocide. These unimaginable acts left millions of families broken and many orphans only to be forgotten about.

The Nehemiah Association has taken progressive steps forward to created tremendous opportunities and a support system for orphans in the area. It’s a family for orphans who lost theirs, which teaches them to be self-supporting through vocations like sewing, craft-making, screen-printing, and other marketable skills that they will use to generate income and create jobs.

Who we are going to help.

The Nehemiah Association is an amazing organization started and based in Butare, Rwanda that has created tremendous opportunities for orphans in the area. Started by Jean D’Amour Ndayira giye, an orphan himself, the Nehemiah Association provides a safe place and a family for orphans to assemble, worship, and learn. They have created their own vocational school of sorts, training members in sewing , craft-making, screen printing, and other marketable skills that they can use the generate income.

No longer trying to make it on their own, orphans who become members of the Nehemiah Association find fellowship, significant opportunities, and a hope for the future!

How you can help

Your financial gifts will help pay for our team to travel to Rwanda where we will educate members in business and marketing knowledge that will help them thrive!

We put together a fun way for you to give where you will get a real taste of Africa.

Anyone who donates will get access to Travis and Bradley’s private digital diary from the trip.

For our top contributors, we will be bringing back beautiful scenic art pieces from Rwanda that are each hand crafted from banana leaves with immense detail.

These classy pieces come framed for you to hang on your wall or give as a gift. The large artworks will also come with a story behind the artwork about the artist.

Anyone who donates $2,500 or more will be invited to a private lunch mastermind with Travis and Bradley at the Kajabi HQ in Southern California.

YOU are changing lives.
We thank you in advance for your support!

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